Challenge Yourself

I always encourage women to challenge themselves and face any fears, either alone, or as part of a group, and I am lucky enough to live in part of the UK which has endless opportunities to do so right on my doorstep. Learning a new skill or hobby is fantastic for personal development, and also gives you a chance to face any fears you may have. It gives you a sense of empowering freedom, and I recommend that everyone should aim to learn something new each year. It is so beneficial to keep our minds active and always give us something new to aim for. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, and I’ve sourced activities from as little as £15, so ask yourself, what is actually stopping you? 

Need suggestions for accommodation, just ask, not sure which activity would suit you the most, let’s talk, not very good at organising more than one activity, let me know. All you have to do now is put your feet up and read through some of the activities below and then ask yourself… why not?


Cornwall is the home of surfing, and we have an abundance of female surf instructors here who absolutely love teaching other women to surf. Surfing not only frees your mind, but also your body, providing a cardio workout which helps to strengthen your core, your back, and your legs. Being near the water is so important for mental health, and many people see it as a form of meditation, not to mention the amount of fun you will have. I can recommend a couple of female only surf schools within Cornwall, so why not combine it with a relaxing weekend break away just for you.

empowering sup lessons at sea


I've always said that learning to SUP (stand up paddle board) looks so much fun, especially when the sun is shining, and the seals are swimming around you. It seems to be the fastest growing watersport, and this summer I've seen more people than ever giving this a go. Not only can you hire out a SUP for one, you can also hire out a large group SUP for you and any friends to all go out together. Again this is fantastic not just for the mind, but also as a core workout for your body, and I can think of nothing better than chilling out as you glide across the water with the sun setting behind you. Again there are several female only instructors which I can recommend, so no need to feel body conscious.

empowering bushcraft survival skill lessons


A group of women out in the forest experiencing everything nature has to offer, whilst combining yoga, walking, and other activities, sounds like fun right? We have an amazing wild camping for women opportunity in Cornwall which aims to empower women in a supportive and relaxing environment, run by women for women. Another activity which allows you to step away from reality for a while, and completely immerse yourself in some beautiful surroundings whilst focusing on learning new skills.

empowering yoga lessons at the beach


Looking for something more relaxing which gives you a chance to recharge your batteries, how about a yoga and walking retreat? Cornwall has some of the best yoga teachers around, and you can't get better than yoga on the beach! Combine this with some gentle coastal walks, or relaxing spa treatments, and you will wonder why you waited so long. Why not make this a regular event in your diary as a mini reward to yourself for all the hard work that you do, or encourage some friends to take some downtime from their busy lives, and treat themselves.


Love animals, why not take a relaxing ride along the beach on a gorgeous horse, wind in your hair, sea spray at your feet, absolute heaven. With a horse riding school right around the corner, and some of the most amazing beaches and views within minutes, you will find yourself relaxing in a completely different way. Picture this... yoga on the beach to start your day, a coastal walk, and finish with a sunset beach horse ride, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Take on board the self belief that anything is possible, keep saying I CAN, and when you feel like saying it’s impossible, step back, take a look at that very word again, and instead say……. I’M POSSIBLE!

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Never accept anything less than you deserve