Resilience Coaching

Resilience is a trait which I passionately believe we should be teaching our children from an early age. Life isn’t easy, and with mental health issues within children on the rise, this is now more important than ever. From bullying at school, issues at home, studying for exams, and going out into the big wide world, they need all the help they can get. 


In order to teach resilience to your children, this is something you obviously need to have in yourself already. You can’t help someone else if you haven’t helped yourself, common sense don’t you think.

With social media driving so many teenagers and their self worth and behaviour, it is important to keep open communication with each other on a daily basis. Resilience goes hand in hand with social media in my eyes, and can make the difference between a child crumbling from a few throw away comments, to actually ignoring these comments and continuing to thrive. Their relationships at home also play a big part in building their resilience, and a supportive environment is exactly what every child needs.

Give a child or teenager the freedom to talk about their feelings and understand their reactions to certain situations, again this will assist with building their resilience. These are all factors which together help prepare them for adulthood, and the challenges which will lie ahead. Always remember, it’s not about the situation itself, it’s how we react to it that matters.

Resilience plays a large part of how we tell out own story, why we do what we do, and how we got here. Are you still holding onto something from your past, or have you placed this in a box and truly used the experience to grow and move forward? Only you will know the answer to this, and only you will know when you are ready. This also leads on to our confidence and self worth, if you aren’t resilient, and past experiences are eating away at you, you naturally won’t be very confident about the future. You may also be someone who blames yourself for situations, and who drowns in not having explanations for the way things have worked out.

Lacking resilience can literally ground you when experiencing trauma, and leave you with feelings of no way out. Having resilience, confidence, and the courage to keep going, will help you recover, heal, and feel able to cope with any other challenges that life may throw at you.


Take back some power and start believing in yourself, 50% belief and 50% action. We’ve all got it in us, we just need to unleash it, and believe in ourselves, and this is where resilience coaching comes in. Speaking from personal experience, and from the work I do with my clients, people with resilience bounce back quicker from trauma, but also with increased strength and confidence. I encourage my clients to always look for the positive in every situation, but also to learn from every situation and challenge they’ve faced.


A lack of resilience will impact your daily motivation, your drive, your focus, and your mental wellbeing. You then also have the impact of your ability to do your job. During times of change especially, you need to have the ability to bounce back, something I’ve always been mindful of for example when placing people under consultation for redundancy. You also need resilience to be able to accept constructive feedback in the workplace, recognise strengths and weaknesses, grow, and move on.

Do you need help to deal with everything life throws at us, are you open to learning, coachable, and looking to make a change? We all have choices in life, and sometimes we just need to adjust our mindset. Making mistakes in life doesn’t mean you’ve failed, and if you go into a situation saying that this can’t be done, then you are already short changing yourself. What is the worst thing that can happen if you make a mistake, you still get up the next day, you learn from it, and you move on. This is exactly where resilience comes in.

Are you ready to make that change, then let’s talk.