Monday Motivation

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Monday morning, and a day where so many people lack motivation. It could be motivation to return to work in an office, motivation to get the week going if working from home, motivation to even leave the house, and I hear so many people use the phrase ‘Monday Blues’. When living and working in London I would dread Mondays for two reasons, firstly, I never really enjoyed my jobs, and secondly, when people would ask how my weekend was, I would make up stories of how jam packed it had been and all of the wonderful things I did, when over 50% of the time I had actually stayed indoors. I personally found that work colleagues were just that, and that only, and it was so difficult to find an enjoyable hobby which didn’t involve the gym, or a long ass tube journey to get to it.

However………… a few redundancies later, a divorce, and the loss of my home, coupled with one huge and hard landing back to earth with a bump, and now I love Mondays! If you are someone who really struggles to get stuck into a new week then ask yourself why, and then ask yourself if you can change the very thing making you dread Mondays. Career choice, change it, journey to work, stop doing it, no free time, time management, no hobbies, find some, no friends, join a few local groups, no money, look at free events on Eventbrite, and consolidation of any debts.

Be completely honest with yourself, have you done absolutely everything in your power to change the direction you are heading……….. come on, be honest, I’ve been there myself. I made a decision to leave London, leave behind the gorgeous apartment, the tube journeys, the crazy working hours, I got married, moved around a lot, got divorced, moved around a lot more, got head hunted, bullied at work, made redundant, lost my home, moved into a caravan, love love loved it, new job, long hours, no quality of life, harassment at work, redundant again, moved to the coast, and the rest is history…………….

Why not prepare for your Monday morning journey to work by getting some podcasts ready to listen to, or some of your fave music. I was spotted on the tube in London by friends many times in my own little world, regularly dancing like nobody was watching (could have been worse), and my journey would fly by! Why not make Monday your evening to catch up with a friend, or go to an evening fitness class, or even the cinema. This Monday dread is all in your head, and you need to switch it up buttercup and get your mindset straight. Stop letting Mondays drag you down, it is a day of the week, just like the other six, have some Monday madness, jump out of bed and put some music on, dance around the room, do a sit up (just the one, no need to go over the top with this), and smile at everyone, I challenge you to not enjoy Mondays.

Let’s do this, repeat after me ……… I love Mondays!!!