Cruelty Free, Ocean Friendly, Vegan Skincare

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I didn’t start to suffer with my skin until my mid 30’s, and following my divorce my skin was out of control, blotchy, and with constant breakouts. Like a lot of women, I covered up my skin with lashings of concealer and other makeup, and although this would hide any blemishes during the day whilst at work, it was blocking my pores, and making my skin worse overall. Living in London at the time, I would spend a small fortune on fancy facials, and with promises of better skin, I would happily hand over money each pay day to trial different products. Years later, and with no change to my skin, and no longer working in London, I needed to look for an affordable alternative to the products I had been using, and for something which would work without the need for additional facials, and I can honestly say that I’ve now found those products.

For me it wasn’t just about affordability, it was also about my love of animals, and I researched in depth for products which didn’t just state that they were cruelty-free, but also for products associated with PETA. Not only do Tropic promise to never test on animals, they also promise to never use derivatives which cause animals distress, and they stand with Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a cruelty-free brand, now and always. They sustainably source all of their natural ingredients to bring you freshly made products made by their beauty chefs in their UK based beauty kitchen daily.

Living by the beach, it’s also really important to me to protect the ocean, and I’m also pleased to say that the Tropic range is microbead-free in order to protect the ocean and it’s inhabitants with Tropic’s innovative range of mineral sunscreen developed to offer an alternative to the toxic chemical-filled sunscreens that damage coral in the ocean.

Susie Ma is the founder of Tropic, and you may remember her from her appearance on the Apprentice with Lord Alan Sugar, and although she came third, he still approached Susie and asked to invest in her business. She is another fantastic example of an empowered and strong woman who never gave up on her dream, and her story is inspiring. Susie started making products in her mother’s kitchen after struggling to make ends meet, and after securing a weekend stall at Greenwich Market in London, she would sell her own natural skincare, with immediate success from her first day of trading. Tropic has gone from strength to strength, with over 100 employees, and  there seems to be no stopping Susie who now holds numerous awards and who also appeared on the Forbes under 30 list . With an initial investment of £200,000 from Lord Alan Sugar, Tropic went on to turn over a staggering £20 million in 2017.

Their full skincare set is the most reasonably priced I’ve come across (£54) and even includes the face mask and bamboo face cloth. Their products last for absolutely ages, and the daily cost works out at less than a cup of coffee per day. My skin has never looked better, and this year I’ve turned 45, however it still seems I can get away with knocking a few years off when asked (always worth giving it a go). They also have a mini skincare discovery set which I personally use as a travel set, and for birthday and Christmas gifts, and some other mini sets too. You can find the whole range on the link below, but if you have any questions at all, or would like a hard copy or electronic copy of the most recent brochure, then just drop me a line.