Coaching & MENTORING

1-2-1 coaching and empowerment

Are you finding it difficult to overcome challenges, are you settling for the life around you, what is your vision, what would you like to be doing right now, where would you like to be? We are all capable of achieving our dreams, but we have to prepare and drive ourselves in the right way in both our personal and our professional life. At Hope & Freedom I aim to have a positive impact on all women, and empower others to create positive change in all areas of their lives.

Do you feel that a lack of confidence is holding you back, have you been passed over for promotion at work, do you need to improve your leadership skills and find your voice? Do you feel stuck in your current role, unfulfilled, but don’t have the confidence to move on? Take back some power and start believing in yourself, 50% belief and 50% action.

We will work together on your vision, your mindset, your growth, and the planning of your goals. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, identify any fears, and work on growing your strengths, managing any weaknesses, and taking control of your life. We will work together to enhance your skills and overcome any obstacles whilst also working on your confidence, any stress and anxiety triggers and how to manage these going forward, your resilience, time management, and being assertive. We will set achievable goals for you together, and I will work as your accountability coach for these goals. 

I’m here to empower you and to unlock your potential, and I believe that coaching will inspire you to achieve your full potential, and lead to a more fulfilling life. If you feel stuck, don’t think about why, together we will focus on how you can make progress and bring you more clarity in life. We will share what makes you happy, and revisit times when you’ve felt fulfilled, we will use positive affirmations, identify your competencies, and develop these. 

What would your ideal career look like, if paid any amount of money, what would you absolutely be doing right now? We will deep dive into all areas of your life, and discover what exactly has been holding you back. I will successfully guide, support, and advise you through your personal growth and development, and will listen, encourage, and build that trusted relationship with you, challenging you along the way, whilst providing constructive feedback throughout.