So who am I and what do I stand for….. I stand for integrity and I stand for resilience, my core values have never changed throughout life and they have always been at the heart of everything I do. I’m a bit of a bohemian, I love to travel, and to be my own person, and fitting in with the crowd doesn’t concern me. I pride myself on being professional, but also in being myself, what you see is what you get, and I’m not a suited and booted power hungry woman who talks at people, I talk to people. I’m known for always smiling, and for always seeing the glass as half full, and I see everyone as an equal, and believe that a business wouldn’t be a business without the many people who choose to work for them. What makes me different from other Personal Development Coaches………..my ingredients of course! My working background in London, my extensive life experience, and my resilience, drive, and focus. Working with me you will have access to my wealth of knowledge, and I guarantee that you will not be able to find another coach who has overcome as many challenges, both personal and professional. 

I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today and I’m proud of myself.  Following poor grades at school, witnessing violence at home, being abducted as a child, being split between two parents who were divorcing, being a survivor of domestic violence myself, and then the sudden loss of my Dad to cancer, I now embrace every single day. I’m a qualified HR Manager Assoc CIPD, I’ve completed my qualifications in Mental Health Awareness, I’m a Charity Champion for Time to Change, I’ve worked for the most prestigious Investment Banks in Canary Wharf, I’ve travelled alone and visited some amazing places, as well as qualifying as a PADI Advanced Scuba Diver along the way, and the most rewarding of all……. volunteering at a local hospice. Am I bragging, no not at all, I’m just letting you know a little bit more about me, but more importantly, to let you know that if I can, YOU CAN!

Following my parents divorcing, and then suddenly losing my Dad at the age of 18, I felt completely broken and alone, and I wasn’t sure where life was now taking me. My parents had always taught me to believe in myself, and I knew I wanted to make them proud, so I packed up my car and moved to London with enough money to survive for a short period. I moved in with friends, registered with a recruitment agency in Clapham, and picked up my first assignment as an admin assistant. I spent each lunchtime back at the agency office teaching myself word processing and touch typing, and set myself a goal to have these extra skills finely tuned by the end of my first month. My next contract was with a large Insurance company in the City working in their archiving department in the basement, and not much fun! This was a three month contract, and although I didn’t enjoy it, I saw it as an opportunity to get another big name onto my CV. Investment Banks always interested me, and following a few other contracts around the City and West End, I next found myself staring up at the Canary Wharf Tower like a small child in a big city.

Working all hours I was completely exhausted as well as feeling miserable, and I didn’t feel that I was actually achieving anything. I felt overwhelmed and isolated, and this impacted my self-worth, my confidence, and my life in general. In my personal life I was going through hell, having been a victim of domestic violence, giving evidence in court, and then needing to move to a new location, I was mentally and physically drained, and had lost my confidence, my sparkle, my focus, and my drive. A few days later I was reading the newspaper, and under the classifieds section I came across an advert asking people to sell timeshare in Spain. It was one of those moments….those moments where you close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach sipping pina colada and working minimum hours. My decision was made, and following a call with an agency, my ticket was purchased and my case was packed!

A quick summer season in Spain and I was back in London, and overall I spent nearly fifteen years there before making the decision to leave, however I still continued to work within Corporate male dominated environments. Within one role, not only was I the only female member of senior management, I was also one of only seven women across the business based at that location. London life had enabled me to find my voice, but I still wasn’t taken seriously by male management, I was ignored during meetings, and bullied at work, and after raising a grievance, I found myself being made redundant. I was then quickly head hunted for my next corporate role, but being made redundant again just over a year later was then the final push I needed. My last corporate role like many other roles had exposed me to some very unpleasant male senior management, and what concerned me the most, was the impact those members of management were having on my other female colleagues around me. I vowed to support these women no matter what, and still do to this day.

We all have a voice, we just need to feel empowered to use it.


Following several episodes of bullying at work and sexism, I chose to find my voice and let my skills do the talking. All of our backgrounds are irrelevant, we all have choices, and I’ve always chosen to stand and fight, fight for what I believe in, and to always stay true to my values. Now I hope to inspire and have a positive impact on other women, to help them find their voice, build their confidence, and accomplish their goals in both their business and personal life.

Hope has always been my focus when facing challenging times, and I remember a friend telling me years ago that Hope stands for ‘Hold On Pain Ends’. Freedom is the reason I kept going, knowing that I can have my freedom from the bullies, from the domestic violence, from the self doubt, and from the Impostor Syndrome. I now have the freedom to live the life I deserve, and the hope that has always kept me going has ultimately led to my freedom. No matter what you are facing, always have hope, and NEVER give up.

One of my goals has always been to work for myself, with nobody telling me when I can go on holiday, how many hours I have to work, what pay I will receive, and whether they deem me fit for promotion. My life experience and skills speak for themselves, and my integrity and resilience has made me the person I am today. Everything I have in my life I have achieved through hard work and determination, and I’ve already come so far. I have built more than one successful business, and with my marketing and sales experience, I now thrive on supporting others to build theirs.

It is easy to stand with the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone.

Know your worth