Beach More Worry Less

Resilience – The ability to become strong, healthy, and successful again after something bad happens.


Going through a divorce, redundancy, being bullied at work, discriminated against, or always had limiting beliefs? Many of us fall into some of these categories, and most of us have lost our self-worth at times. We need to understand that we all have a different journey through life, however none of us have it easy.


We will all experience some form of trauma at some point in life, and it’s how we bounce back from this which will determine what happens next.


Did you know that resilience has five parts to it? Resilience is about self awareness, mindfulness, self care, positive relationships, and purpose, makes sense doesn’t it. We aren’t born with resilience, but good news, we can learn this as we go along.


Building resilience is so important for our mental wellbeing, we all have the ability to bounce back and recover, and the sooner we learn how to do this, the better. It can take one event to spiral into something much bigger, and this is where resilience comes in.


We all have unique emotional reactions to situations going on around us, and it’s about being mindful of these reactions in order to minimise stress, anxiety, and depression.  Did you know that 1 in 6 adults will experience a common mental health problem, with 1 in 5 considering taking their own life, scary isn’t it.


Myself, I’ve been bullied growing up, bullied at work, suffered bereavement of a parent aged 18, experienced domestic violence, lost everything following my divorce, but I’m still here. I would be lying if I said that these things didn’t test me and push me to my limits, but I had two choices, one good, one bad.


When we deal with trauma we start to doubt ourselves, and this is where emotional resilience plays a huge part. We have to face our feelings and the feeling of being very uncomfortable, and we need to give ourselves time to heal. Mindfulness is key to healing safely and at your own pace, and I always recommend speaking to someone during this process and sharing your feelings rather than hiding away.


Resilient people will find it easier to rebuild their life following a bereavement or loss of another kind, and resilience is a skill that we all need to master in order to make it out the other side. I always tell people to not be so hard on themselves, each one of us is different, and we all deal with situations differently, the key part is that you do deal with it, and don’t ignore it.


Being resilient is so important, whether you are looking to change career, your relationship, or your business. I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve faced those challenges myself, and each time I’ve been knocked down, I’ve got straight back up.


I remember the day I found out my Dad had cancer and that the diagnosis was terminal, my entire world crumbled. I then had less than 48 hours with him before he passed, and this became one of the toughest times in my life. Losing friends to bad health, pets, jobs, money, houses, all things which I’ve lost over the years. Without resilience, I genuinely don’t think I would be here today.


My absolute passion now in life is working with women to bring out their inner confidence, their inner strength, and their resilience. We all have this in us, and sometimes we don’t even realise it until we have no other choice. We all need to push ourselves, nobody else is going to do it for us, and if I can, you can.


If I had a pound for each time I heard someone ask me how I’m still standing, I would be pretty rich by now. I always find the question interesting, the person asking will be expecting a magic answer, and they seem disappointed to learn that it’s not magic. I just keep going, I spend time working on self care and mindfulness, and I just keep going, nothing more, nothing less.


When climbing that mountain focus on the peak, and not the pain. Once you realise that you’ve had the tools all along, you are ready to hit that reset button and move forward.